April Fools’ Day – Prima Aprilis

April Fools Joke

April Fools Joke

There’s this special day once in a year when you need to watch yourself and constantly be making sure you don’t get pranged. Who knows, maybe in some cases you can’t even trust yourself as during this particular day almost anything is possible. You probably already know what we’re talking about – April Fools’ Day. What does it look like in Poland. Let us tell you all the truth about it. First, of all – you can trust us, we won’t make a fool of you and all the information below isn’t from our imagination.

The 1st of April is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated in various countries. Although, you should know that in some parts of the world it’s not the only day when people play jokes on themselves, for example, In Denmark people do the same thing on 1st of May (it’s called Maj-kat”, meaning “May-cat”). Not mentioning Spain and Libero-American countries, which have the the 28th of December as their day for practical jokes, which is called ‘ The Day of the Holy Innocents”. Maybe, during these other occasions jokes are less frequent, but that doesn’t mean you can lower your guard and stop being careful. Thankfully, in Poland, we stick only to the 1st of April.

We will probably disappoint you, April Fools’ Day in Poland isn’t much different to other countries, so it’s hard to tell you about anything special or unusual that happens during this particular day (though maybe the usual is something usual, huh?). What we want to do, is to give you a few pieces of advice as to how you should behave and prepare a list of a few possible jokes you can play on your Polish friends.

How to survive list

Rule #1 – Don’t trust anyone. We mean it.
Rule#2 – If someone suddenly changes the place or time of an appointment, keep it mind it might be a trap.
Rule#3 – If someone tells you about something you’re not sure whether is true. It might be better if you just laugh out loud straight in his/her face saying – ‘nice joke’. Even if this person is saying the truth, and there’s nothing to be revealed, you’ve just increased your chances of not being tricked.
Rule#4 – Forget about newspapers, news on the Internet, on TV, in radio etc. – most of the headlines are fake.
Rule#5 – If you have flatmates or roommates – check twice every single thing you normally use without hesitation, poking them with broom or other objects might look weird, but it might save your life.
Rule#6 – Before you enter a room, look carefully at the place from the distance, and step into it carefully and slowly.
Rule#7 – If given something to eat, examine it closely. If you have a chance, make your friend eat it first. That rule applies to drink also.
Rule#8 – Your friend sends you to see the sea in Szczecin? Don’t trust them, there’s nothing like that there.
Rule#8 – Have Fun! Even if you’re tricked, don’t be mad for too long and appreciate your friends’ jokes.
Rule#9 Take revenge. You can make your own plan in advance or right after you get pranged (don’t forget about your smile, right after the joke is made on you – visible signs of revenge can make your friends careful!)

Jokes List:

#1 Turn the clock back at your victim’s place or on your victim’s device.
#2 Change the phone number to someone on your victim’s mobile or switch it with a number to some unexpected place and make them dial it.
#3 Make a print screen of desktop on your co-worker PC and hide the task bar. See what happens.
#4 Hire a kid to show up at your friend’s place when his girlfriend is there, let him/her pretend that they are his son or daughter.

That’s basically it. We hope you won’t get tricked too badly and you will be the one who cleverly tricks others. We’re glad that you will spend this particular day in Poland – a land of polar bears, vodka trees, constant winter and magic spells. PS Click here to see how the Polish president tricked almost everyone in Poland on TV.




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