Student’s benefits

Studying is not only about partying, meeting new people and having fun all the time, it is also about learning, expanding horizons and gaining experience (we’re not sure whether we put that sentence in the correct order…). However, being a student gives you an amazing opportunity to try many a new thing and to enjoy the cultural and student life much cheaper than in any other stage of your life (being old is expensive, don’t you know?).

What are we even talking about?

There’s a great list of places, activities and things that are available for you cheaper than the regular price. We won’t give you the full list of places because it’s almost impossible to do but we can give you a general image of what you can expect:

1. Cinemas, theatres, museums…

It’s a common standard now that holding a student ID allows you to get in touch with the latest movie premieres, the best plays and the most amazing expositions without emptying your wallet. It’s possible because you only pay half of the price of a regular ticket.

2. Gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts…

It’s not a problem to stay in shape or get fit as you probably have a great variety of sports facilities in your city. But, we all know that while we probably want to lose some extra kilos from time to time, we still want our wallet to look as big as possible. If you’re a student, it’s common knowledge that you divide the fee of gym registration, an hour of swimming or renting the tennis court by two.

3. Pubs and clubs

This one will be quick. If you’re a student not only you can get yourself into a party for free or for cheaper entry but also you can get a nice surprise at the bar whilst looking at the prices of drinks. All of that to make sure you will be able to learn faster the day after the party and that your body is well-hydrated before the next day of hard study.

How to benefit?

You can get all of these things by simply carrying a student ID with you. It sounds simple and it actually is that way if you’re a student of a Polish university or college. Polish student IDs are honored and well-recognized and you shouldn’t have any problems in getting the discounts. A problem might occur if you’re a foreign student and you came here on Erasmus or another kind of student exchange. In such situations you have to arm yourself with one of two student cards.


The international student identity card gives you a benefit of using the discounts for all the listed places. For Polish officials, even if you’re not a student of a Polish university or college, the ISIC proves your official student status. Although some people working in pubs, gyms, museums might not know it and question whether you should get a cheaper ticket/entrance, just explain to them who you are and that the card is the equivalent of Polish student ID.
Find out how to get the card by clicking here.


This card is less powerful than the previous one. It’s not recognized by the Polish Railways (PKP) or public transport operators (MPK) so you are not able to travel for less. It also doesn’t give you a chance to buy cinema tickets cheaper or to register at the gym for half price but it still gives you a pretty wide range of discounts on many services like language or dancing courses and many, many more. Oh, sometimes you can also buy some things cheaper! How cool is that?
To find out how to get the card, simply go here.
To find the full list of discounts in Poland, go here (this one is only in Polish ).




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