The Office of Voivodeship

The Office of Voivodeship in Kraków

The Office of Voivodeship in Kraków

The main objective of the voivodoship office is to represent the Polish government in each region. It’s usually located in the biggest city of each region and if your problem or question is really important and it requires the act or decision of the government officials – it’s the right place to visit.

The main areas of expertise

The main tasks of voivodeship are:
– getting permission to collect money in the region
– getting grants for cultural or educational projects and institutions
– issuance of passport
– granting citizenship
– obtaining approval for waiver of citizenship
– obtaining approval for residence and employment of foreigners and much more!

Contact details

For the full list of the Voivodeships in Poland with addresses and e-mails, please click here. However, keep in mind that some of them might change in time, as for now we cannot track all of them. If you cannot find the one you were looking for or the address or e-mail has changed, please use Google.




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