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Po Polsku. Polish for Professionals - learn Polish in Warsaw

Po Polsku. Polish for Professionals offers Polish courses for foreigners. Experience shows that our method is the fastest and most effective way to learn Polish as a foreign language. Our methodological approach and our teaching materials are the fruit of 15 years of experience in organising Polish courses for foreign students. Thus, we can guarantee an easy, enjoyable and practical way of studying Polish as a foreign language.

Our clients are professionals on a tight schedule and we are aware of their needs. Therefore, we organise Polish courses at their place of employment in Warsaw and adapt frequency and number of lessons to the particular needs of our clients.

The offer

We offer Polish language courses on all level (from beginners to very advanced students) and Polish language courses for special purposes e.g.:

  • 'survival Polish', a highly intensive crash course for newcomers
  • Polish for business
  • specialized Polish courses for staff of European Institutions (eg. translators, officials)
  • specialized Polish courses for journalists
  • courses for children (our own syllabus)
  • conversation classes

What is special about us

  • Tailored programmes for your individual needs
  • Interesting and up-to-date teaching materials
  • Access to most recent publications concerning Polish as a foreign language
  • A unique and original programme of teaching Polish as a foreign language with an interactive board
  • Our free and very popular online resource is available to all users here
  • on-line sources (e.g. our profile on Facebook)
  • Cooperating with highly qualified and experienced teachers. Our lecturers on Polish as a foreign language regularly undergo vocational training.
  • Methodological guidance
  • While courses usually take place in Warsaw, it is also possible to organize them elsewhere
  • Affordable prices