Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)

ZUS Office

One of many ZUS offices

If you were wondering where your social insurance and pension contributions lands – ZUS is the place to look. Managed and supervised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. One of the biggest and probably most powerful institution in Poland. Some people blame it for its inefficiency and great amount of bureaucracy, however, it seems that it is still needed and it is very difficult to think of an instutution that could replace it in the future.

The main areas of expertise

The main tasks of ZUS:
– establishing the entitlement to social insurance benefits
– paying-out of social insurance benefits
– assessment and collection of social insurance and health insurance contributions and contributions to the Labour Fund and the Fund of Guaranteed Employee Benefits
– maintaining individual accounts of the insured and accounts of contribution payers

ZUS is very well organized and has many organizational units such as branches, inspectorates and field offices. You can find the full list of them on this website

Contact details

Address: ul. Szamocka 3-5, 01-748 Warszawa
Phone: (22) 667 10 00

Customer service center
For landlines: 0 801 400 987
For mobiles and aboard: 0048 (22) 560 16 00.




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