Social Insurance in Poland – ZUS


Keep in mind that insurance will be probably the last thing you have to pay to the authorities after all the things we have described in own business section. The good thing is that when you start your own business you don’t have to pay the full contribution to ZUS but you pay something that is called preferential contributions.



The Social Insurance Institution contribution consists of:

  • health insurance fee
  • retirement fee
  • rental fee
  • sickness fee
  • emergency fee
  • labour fund fee

How much you have to pay towards insurance

For year 2015 the preferential contribution is at the level of 445,42 PLN. The normal rate is 817,40 PLN.

Who’s eligible for preferential contribution?

You can benefit from the preferential contributions only if you:

  • Launched economic activity not earlier than 25 August 2005;
  • Do not run or within the last 60 calendar months before the date of commencement of the business did not carry off-farm activities;
  • Do not do business with a former employer, for which before the commencement of business in the current or preceding calendar year,
    performed similar activities as part of employment relationships or cooperative employment activities within the scope of its business operations;
  • The maximum period of the concession is 24 calendar months, calculated from the date of commencement of business.




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