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No exit

Jean-Paul Sartre

17 November   7:30 PM

Two women and a man end up in a hotel room. They have no idea why they have been locked up. They start to observe each other and become fascinated with each other. Minute by minute, the atmosphere gets more and more dense. The tension among them increases. A game begins. First questions are asked, and accusations begin to fly. No one in this room has a clear conscience; everyone is hiding something; each one of them keeps a painful secret. Did they really get here by accident?

“No Exit” by Jean-Paul Sartre is a 1944 one-act play by one of the leading Paris-based existentialists and a Nobel Laureate for Literature.

17 November 7:30 PM


Palace of Culture and Science,

1 Defilad Square, Warsaw

Seats from which English subtitles are visible: rows 1-6, seats 10-20


Voytek the bear

Tadeusz Słobodzianek

18 November 7:00 PM

The legendary bear Wojtek in Tadeusz Słobodzianek’s contemporary interpretation. The story of young soldiers of various nationalities and religions seen through the eyes of an animal. Wojtek accompanies the soldiers on their war route from Iran to Italy, takes part in the battle of Monte Cassino, and ends up with them in a refugee camp.

The play discusses the lost generation; it undertakes to verify the meaning of terms such as “patriotism”, “nation”, “friendship” and “solidarity”. ‘What is incredible here is that the presence of a bear among people raises questions about what might be human in an animal and what might be animalistic in humans’, says Ondrej Spišák, the director.

Łomnicki Stage on Wola

22 Kasprzaka St., Warsaw

Seats from which English subtitles are visible: rows 7-13




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