Things you should know before you start learning

For sure you have heard that Polish is pretty hard to learn. It’s not just an urban legend but we are going to challenge this opinion. In this article we will show you easy aspects of learning Polish!


First good news – the Polish alphabet is very similar to most of the European alphabets with the exception of some of the Polish letters like ó, ż, ź, ą and ę. But the really good news is that the Polish alphabet is phonetic. It means that once you learn how to pronounce each letter you will be able to read almost any unknown Polish word correctly.


In Polish there are no articles. It means that you don’t have to learn awkward rules of using ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’ (of course in a Polish version). Even better when you consider German with all the ‘der’ de’ ‘das’ drama. Your memory can be free from this concept and be used for better things.


There is nothing complicated about Polish when it comes down to tenses. There are only 3 options: present, future and past. It’s not so bad, is it? Just compare it to Latin or English and you will feel much better about learning Polish than you could ever think you would.

As you can see it’s not so bad after all. Of course there will be times you will ask yourself why you decided to learn this language but we hope there will be much less of those moments than the fun times. To make sure that will happen watch our videos with Polish lessons!




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